Due to Ohio’s ordered school-building closure, roster verification will not open as scheduled.

Resources from School Year 2019-2020

Overview of Roles

Interactive Learning Modules

We are pleased to announce a new way for principals and teachers to obtain Roster Verification training through a series of rich learning experiences.  These experiences called “Learning Modules” are brief (approx. 20 mins ea.), flexible, fully searchable, self-paced, virtual lessons that can be taken anytime, anywhere.  Each module presents information in an engaging platform with interactive features, multimedia, and quick checks that work great on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.  Begin by selecting a learning module specific to your role in each phase of Roster Verification.  

Instructional Videos

Access these brief how-two videos (approx. 30 – 60 secs) for quick demonstrations and answers to questions about the Roster Verification Link Application. Select a video below to begin.