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Payments with the field “System” will have a value of “ITO” (ODE Information Technology Office). Subsidy payments are made in two equal parts (one half) in October/November and March/April.

Ohio K12 Network Subsidy Program

FY2017 Award Summary

Ohio K12 Network Subsidy Awards - FY2017

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DistrictIRN TypeAward DateSubsidy Amount
Adena Local SD (049494)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Alliance City SD (043497)Public DistrictOct-11$10,800
Anthony Wayne Local SD (048207)Public DistrictOct-11$10,800
Antwerp Local SD (048991)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Apollo (050773)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-11$1,800
Arcadia Local SD (047415)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Archbold-Area Local SD (047043)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Arlington Local SD (047423)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Ashtabula Area City SD (043513)Public DistrictOct-11$12,600
Ayersville Local SD (046706)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Barberton City SD (043539)Public DistrictOct-11$7,200
Batavia Local SD (046300)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Bay Village City SD (043547)Public DistrictOct-11$7,200
Beachwood City SD (043554)Public DistrictOct-11$7,200
Beacon Hill Academy (012501)Community SchoolOct-11$1,800
Beaver Local SD (046425)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Local SD (047274)Public DistrictOct-11$7,200
Bellefontaine City SD (043588)Public DistrictOct-11$7,200
Benjamin Logan Local SD (048074)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Berea City SD (043612)Public DistrictOct-11$12,600
Berkshire Local SD (047167)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Big Walnut Local SD (046748)Public DistrictOct-11$12,600
Bloom-Carroll Local SD (046862)Public DistrictOct-11$7,200
Bloomfield-Mespo Local SD (050096)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Bluffton Exempted Village SD (045211)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Boardman Local SD (048306)Public DistrictOct-11$12,600
Botkins Local SD (049767)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Bowling Green City SD (043638)Public DistrictOct-11$10,800
Brecksville-Broadview Heights City SD (043646)Public DistrictOct-11$10,800
Bright Local SD (047613)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Bristol Local SD (050112)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Brunswick City SD (043661)Public DistrictOct-11$19,800
Buckeye Central Local SD (046508)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Buckeye Local SD (047787)Public DistrictOct-11$9,000
Buckeye Local SD (045856)Public DistrictOct-11$7,200
Caldwell Exempted Village SD (045252)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Cambridge City SD (043695)Public DistrictOct-11$9,000
Career and Technology Educational Centers (051201)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-11$1,800
Carey Exempted Village SD (045260)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Cedar Cliff Local SD (047258)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Central Local SD (046714)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Chagrin Falls Exempted Village SD (045286)Public DistrictOct-11$7,200
Chillicothe City SD (043745)Public DistrictOct-11$10,800
Clark-Shawnee Local SD (046284)Public DistrictOct-11$12,600
Clear Fork Valley Local SD (049411)Public DistrictOct-11$7,200
Clinton-Massie Local SD (046391)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Colonel Crawford Local SD (046516)Public DistrictOct-11$7,200
Columbia Local SD (048140)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Columbus Grove Local SD (049312)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Conotton Valley Union Local SD (047548)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Continental Local SD (049320)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Copley-Fairlawn City SD (049981)Public DistrictOct-11$9,000
Coshocton City SD (043828)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Coshocton County (065227)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-11$1,800
Coventry Local SD (049999)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Crooksville Exempted Village SD (045351)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Cuyahoga Valley Career Center (050922)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-11$1,800
Dawson-Bryant Local SD (047928)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Defiance City SD (043869)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Dover City SD (043893)Public DistrictOct-11$9,000
Dublin City SD (047027)Public DistrictOct-11$34,200
East Knox Local SD (047845)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
East Muskingum Local SD (048835)Public DistrictOct-11$10,800
East Palestine City SD (043927)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Eastern Local SD (046037)Public DistrictOct-11$7,200
Eastland-Fairfield Career/Tech (051003)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-11$3,600
Eastwood Local SD (050674)Public DistrictOct-11$7,200
Eaton Community City SD (043935)Public DistrictOct-11$7,200
EHOVE Career Center (051029)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-11$1,800
Elmwood Local SD (050682)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Evergreen Local SD (047050)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Fairfield City SD (046102)Public DistrictOct-11$16,200
Fairless Local SD (049841)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Fairport Harbor Exempted Village SD (045369)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Finneytown Local SD (047332)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Fort Loramie Local SD (049783)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Foxfire High School (149328)Community SchoolOct-11$1,800
Franklin City SD (044008)Public DistrictOct-11$14,400
Galion City SD (044024)Public DistrictOct-11$7,200
Graham Local SD (046193)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Grand Valley Local SD (045864)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Green Local SD (050013)Public DistrictOct-11$9,000
Greene County Vocational School District (051045)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-11$1,800
Greenfield Exempted Village SD (045401)Public DistrictOct-11$9,000
Hamilton Local SD (046953)Public DistrictOct-11$7,200
Hardin Community School (011324)Community SchoolOct-11$1,800
Hardin Northern Local SD (047498)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Hardin-Houston Local SD (049791)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Harrison Hills City SD (045245)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Hillsdale Local SD (045823)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Howland Local SD (050161)Public DistrictOct-11$10,800
Hudson City SD (050021)Public DistrictOct-11$10,800
Indian Creek Local SD (047803)Public DistrictOct-11$9,000
Indian Hill Exempted Village SD (045435)Public DistrictOct-11$7,200
Ironton City SD (044149)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Jackson Center Local SD (049809)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Jackson-Milton Local SD (048322)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Jefferson Area Local SD (045872)Public DistrictOct-11$7,200
Jefferson Local SD (048256)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Jennings Local SD (049338)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Johnstown-Monroe Local SD (047985)Public DistrictOct-11$7,200
Kalida Local SD (049346)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Kenton City SD (044172)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Kettering City SD School District (044180)Public DistrictOct-11$19,800
Kirtland Local SD (047878)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Lake Local SD (049866)Public DistrictOct-11$9,000
Lake Local SD (050690)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Lakota Local SD (049569)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Lancaster City SD (044206)Public DistrictOct-11$18,000
Lexington Local SD (049437)Public DistrictOct-11$9,000
Liberty Center Local SD (047589)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Licking Heights Local SD (048009)Public DistrictOct-11$9,000
Licking Valley Local SD (048017)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Lisbon Exempted Village SD (045450)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Lockland Local SD (044230)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Logan Elm Local SD (049080)Public DistrictOct-11$10,800
Lordstown Local SD (050203)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Loveland City SD (044271)Public DistrictOct-11$10,800
Lucas Local SD (049445)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Madison Local SD (047886)Public DistrictOct-11$7,200
Madison Local SD (046128)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Mahoning Co Career & Tech Ctr (051243)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-11$1,800
Manchester Local SD (000442)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Manchester Local SD (050005)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Maple Heights City SD (044305)Public DistrictOct-11$9,000
Maplewood Career Center (051391)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-11$1,800
Maplewood Local SD (050211)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Margaretta Local SD (046805)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Marion Local SD (048553)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Marlington Local SD (049882)Public DistrictOct-11$9,000
Martins Ferry City SD (044347)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Massillon City SD (044354)Public DistrictOct-11$10,800
Mathews Local SD (050153)Public DistrictOct-11$7,200
Maumee City SD (044362)Public DistrictOct-11$9,000
Maysville Local SD (048850)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
McDonald Local SD (050229)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Mechanicsburg Exempted Village SD (045484)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Medina City SD (044388)Public DistrictOct-11$19,800
Menlo Park Academy (000318)Community SchoolOct-11$1,800
Mentor Exempted Village SD (045492)Public DistrictOct-11$21,600
Miami Trace Local SD (046920)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Millcreek-West Unity Local SD (050633)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Mohawk Local SD (050740)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Montpelier Exempted Village SD (045526)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Mount Vernon City SD (044420)Public DistrictOct-11$14,400
New Bremen Local SD (045955)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
New Riegel Local SD (049718)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Newark Digital Academy (000162)Community SchoolOct-11$1,800
Newbury Local SD (047217)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Niles City SD (044495)Public DistrictOct-11$7,200
North Ridgeville City SD (044537)Public DistrictOct-11$10,800
North Union Local SD (050336)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Northeastern Local SD (046722)Public DistrictOct-11$7,200
Northmor Local SD (048819)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Northwest Local SD (049635)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Northwestern Local SD (046268)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Northwood Local SD (050716)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Norton City SD (044552)Public DistrictOct-11$9,000
Norwayne Local SD (050567)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Old Fort Local SD (049726)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Ontario Local SD (049478)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Orange City SD (046581)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Osnaburg Local SD (049916)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Otsego Local SD (050724)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Ottawa-Glandorf Local SD (049379)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Painesville City Local SD (044628)Public DistrictOct-11$9,000
Pandora-Gilboa Local SD (049395)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Parma City SD (044636)Public DistrictOct-11$25,200
Paulding Exempted Village SD (045575)Public DistrictOct-11$7,200
Perry Local SD (049924)Public DistrictOct-11$14,400
Pickaway-Ross County JVSD (051433)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-11$1,800
Pickerington Local SD (046896)Public DistrictOct-11$25,200
Pike County Area (051375)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-11$1,800
Pike-Delta-York Local SD (047084)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Pioneer Career & Technology (051417)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-11$1,800
Plain Local SD (049932)Public DistrictOct-11$16,200
Portsmouth City SD (044669)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Pymatuning Valley Local SD (045880)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Quaker Digital Academy (000241)Community SchoolOct-11$1,800
Ravenna City SD (044685)Public DistrictOct-11$10,800
Richmond Heights Local SD (046599)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Ridgemont Local SD (047506)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Rittman Academy (000640)Community SchoolOct-11$1,800
Rittman Exempted Village SD (045591)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
River View Local SD (046482)Public DistrictOct-11$10,800
Riverdale Local SD (047514)Public DistrictOct-11$7,200
Rock Hill Local SD (047944)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Ross Local SD (046144)Public DistrictOct-11$7,200
Rossford Exempted Village SD (045609)Public DistrictOct-11$7,200
Sandusky City SD (044743)Public DistrictOct-11$12,600
Sciotoville (143644)Community SchoolOct-11$1,800
Sciotoville Elementary Academy (009964)Community SchoolOct-11$1,800
Sebring Local SD (048355)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Seneca East Local SD (049684)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Shadyside Local SD (046003)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Shaker Heights City SD (044750)Public DistrictOct-11$14,400
Shawnee Local SD (045799)Public DistrictOct-11$7,200
Sidney City SD (044784)Public DistrictOct-11$10,800
South Central Local SD (047738)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
South Point Local SD (047951)Public DistrictOct-11$7,200
South Range Local SD (048363)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Southeastern Local SD (049528)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Southington Local SD (050237)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Spencerville Local SD (045807)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Springfield Local SD (048371)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
St Bernard-Elmwood Place City SD (044719)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
St Henry Consolidated Local SD (048587)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
St Marys City SD (044727)Public DistrictOct-11$7,200
Strongsville City SD (044842)Public DistrictOct-11$12,600
Stryker Local SD (050658)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Swanton Local SD (047092)Public DistrictOct-11$7,200
Switzerland of Ohio Local SD (048652)Public DistrictOct-11$16,200
Sycamore Community City SD (044867)Public DistrictOct-11$12,600
Sylvania City SD (044875)Public DistrictOct-11$21,600
Symmes Valley Local SD (047969)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Tallmadge City SD (044883)Public DistrictOct-11$9,000
Tiffin City SD (044891)Public DistrictOct-11$9,000
Triad Local SD (046201)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Tri-County North Local SD (091397)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Tri-Valley Local SD (048876)Public DistrictOct-11$10,800
Triway Local SD (050591)Public DistrictOct-11$9,000
Twin Valley Community Local SD (049296)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Twinsburg City SD (050070)Public DistrictOct-11$9,000
Union Local SD (046011)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Upper Sandusky Exempted Village SD (045625)Public DistrictOct-11$9,000
Upper Valley Career Center (062125)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-11$1,800
Valley Local SD (049643)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Van Buren Local SD (047464)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Wadsworth City SD (044974)Public DistrictOct-11$14,400
Wapakoneta City SD (044982)Public DistrictOct-11$9,000
Warren City SD (044990)Public DistrictOct-11$9,000
Warrensville Heights City SD (045005)Public DistrictOct-11$7,200
Washington Local SD (048231)Public DistrictOct-11$19,800
Washington-Nile Local SD (049650)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Waterloo Local SD (049247)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Wayne Trace Local SD (049031)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Waynesfield-Goshen Local SD (045971)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Weathersfield Local SD (050252)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
West Branch Local SD (048389)Public DistrictOct-11$7,200
West Clermont Local SD (046359)Public DistrictOct-11$21,600
West Holmes Local SD (047696)Public DistrictOct-11$12,600
West Muskingum Local SD (048884)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Western Reserve Local SD (048397)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Westfall Local SD (049106)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Winton Woods City SD (044081)Public DistrictOct-11$10,800
Woodridge Local SD (049973)Public DistrictOct-11$7,200
Wynford Local SD (046524)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Yellow Springs Exempted Village SD (045674)Public DistrictOct-11$3,600
Zane Trace Local SD (049544)Public DistrictOct-11$5,400
Amherst Exempted Village SD (45195)Public DistrictOct-17$9,000
Alexander Local SD (45906)Public DistrictOct-17$3,600
Ashland County-West Holmes (62042)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-17$1,800
Belpre City SD (43604)Public DistrictOct-17$3,600
Bryan City SD (43679)Public DistrictOct-17$5,400
Bethel-Tate Local SD (46318)Public DistrictOct-17$7,200
Buckeye Valley Local SD (46755)Public DistrictOct-17$7,200
Bedford City SD (43562)Public DistrictOct-17$10,800
Claymont City SD (43778)Public DistrictOct-17$9,000
Champion Local SD (50138)Public DistrictOct-17$5,400
Butler Technology & Career Development Schools (50880)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-17$5,400
Centerburg Local SD (47829)Public DistrictOct-17$5,400
Celina City SD (43729)Public DistrictOct-17$9,000
Circleville City SD (43760)Public DistrictOct-17$5,400
Columbiana Exempted Village SD (45328)Public DistrictOct-17$5,400
Constellation Schools: Collinwood Village Academy (12026)Community SchoolOct-17$1,800
Constellation Schools: Eastside Arts Academy (12671)Community SchoolOct-17$1,800
Constellation Schools: Westside Community School of the Arts (9149)Community SchoolOct-17$1,800
Constellation Schools: Elyria Community (132969)Community SchoolOct-17$1,800
Constellation Schools: Old Brooklyn Community Middle (321)Community SchoolOct-17$1,800
Constellation Schools: Parma Community (133256)Community SchoolOct-17$1,800
Constellation Schools: Westpark Community Middle (316)Community SchoolOct-17$1,800
Constellation Schools: Westpark Community Elementary (132993)Community SchoolOct-17$1,800
Constellation Schools: Lorain Community Middle (320)Community SchoolOct-17$1,800
Constellation Schools: Stockyard Community Middle (12025)Community SchoolOct-17$1,800
Constellation Schools: Puritas Community Middle (534)Community SchoolOct-17$1,800
Constellation Schools: Stockyard Community Elementary (143487)Community SchoolOct-17$1,800
Constellation Schools: Old Brooklyn Community Elementary (134098)Community SchoolOct-17$1,800
Constellation Schools: Madison Community Elementary (319)Community SchoolOct-17$1,800
Constellation Schools: Puritas Community Elementary (143479)Community SchoolOct-17$1,800
Delaware City SD (43877)Public DistrictOct-17$12,600
East Liverpool City SD (43919)Public DistrictOct-17$9,000
Edgewood City SD (46094)Public DistrictOct-17$9,000
Frontier Local SD (50492)Public DistrictOct-17$7,200
Fairlawn Local SD (49775)Public DistrictOct-17$3,600
Fairfield Union Local SD (46870)Public DistrictOct-17$7,200
Gallia County Local SD (65680)Public DistrictOct-17$14,400
Fort Frye Local SD (50484)Public DistrictOct-17$7,200
Fairview Park City SD (43976)Public DistrictOct-17$7,200
Forest Hills Local SD (47340)Public DistrictOct-17$16,200
Greenon Local SD (46235)Public DistrictOct-17$7,200
Highland Local SD (48801)Public DistrictOct-17$5,400
Jackson City SD (44156)Public DistrictOct-17$9,000
Hopewell-Loudon Local SD (49700)Public DistrictOct-17$3,600
Jefferson County (51128)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-17$1,800
Jackson Local SD (49858)Public DistrictOct-17$10,800
Kent City SD (44164)Public DistrictOct-17$10,800
Knox County JVSD (51144)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-17$1,800
Liberty-Benton Local SD (47449)Public DistrictOct-17$5,400
Leetonia Exempted Village SD (45443)Public DistrictOct-17$5,400
Leipsic Local SD (49353)Public DistrictOct-17$3,600
Lighthouse Community Sch Inc (133389)Community SchoolOct-17$1,800
Logan-Hocking Local SD (44248)Public DistrictOct-17$12,600
Lorain City SD (44263)Public DistrictOct-17$27,000
Little Miami Local SD (50443)Public DistrictOct-17$10,800
Madison-Plains Local SD (48272)Public DistrictOct-17$7,200
Mariemont City SD (44313)Public DistrictOct-17$7,200
Mapleton Local SD (45831)Public DistrictOct-17$5,400
Mansfield Elective Academy (396)Community SchoolOct-17$1,800
Meigs Local SD (48520)Public DistrictOct-17$7,200
Mount Gilead Exempted Village SD (45534)Public DistrictOct-17$5,400
Mt. Healthy Preparatory and Fitness Academy (953)Community SchoolOct-17$1,800
Nelsonville-York City SD (44446)Public DistrictOct-17$5,400
New Lexington City SD (44479)Public DistrictOct-17$7,200
Newcomerstown Exempted Village SD (45542)Public DistrictOct-17$7,200
National Trail Local SD (49270)Public DistrictOct-17$5,400
North Canton City SD (44503)Public DistrictOct-17$10,800
Noble Local SD (48900)Public DistrictOct-17$3,600
New Miami Local SD (46136)Public DistrictOct-17$5,400
Parkway Local SD (48579)Public DistrictOct-17$5,400
Perkins Local SD (46813)Public DistrictOct-17$7,200
Ohio Hi-Point Career Center (51334)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-17$1,800
Pleasant Local SD (48421)Public DistrictOct-17$5,400
Pettisville Local SD (47076)Public DistrictOct-17$3,600
Orrville City SD (44610)Public DistrictOct-17$5,400
Portage Lakes (63495)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-17$1,800
River Valley Local SD (48447)Public DistrictOct-17$7,200
Russia Local SD (49817)Public DistrictOct-17$3,600
Put-In-Bay Local SD (48975)Public DistrictOct-17$3,600
Sandy Valley Local SD (49940)Public DistrictOct-17$5,400
Riverside Local SD (47894)Public DistrictOct-17$14,400
Quest Community School (12078)Community SchoolOct-17$1,800
Southeast Local SD (50583)Public DistrictOct-17$10,800
Springfield City SD (44818)Public DistrictOct-17$27,000
Southern Local SD (46441)Public DistrictOct-17$3,600
Southwest Local SD (47381)Public DistrictOct-17$10,800
Southern Local SD (48538)Public DistrictOct-17$3,600
Trimble Local SD (45922)Public DistrictOct-17$5,400
Tecumseh Local SD (46243)Public DistrictOct-17$10,800
Tuscarawas Valley Local SD (50302)Public DistrictOct-17$7,200
Warren County Vocational School (51474)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-17$1,800
Wayne Local SD (50468)Public DistrictOct-17$5,400
Waverly City SD (49148)Public DistrictOct-17$7,200
Wellston City SD (45021)Public DistrictOct-17$7,200
Urbana City SD (44941)Public DistrictOct-17$9,000
Warren Local SD (50500)Public DistrictOct-17$7,200
Wellsville Local SD (45039)Public DistrictOct-17$5,400
West Central Learning Academy II (151175)Community SchoolOct-17$1,800
Westerville City SD (45047)Public DistrictOct-17$37,800
Youngstown Community School (134072)Community SchoolOct-17$1,800
Wheelersburg Local SD (49668)Public DistrictOct-17$5,400
Worthington City SD (45138)Public DistrictOct-17$30,600
Zanesville City SD (45179)Public DistrictOct-17$10,800
Xenia Community City SD (45153)Public DistrictOct-17$14,400
Auburn (51169)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-24$1,800.00
Ashland County Community Academy (9971)Community SchoolOct-24$1,800.00
Madisonville SMART Elementary (12513)Community SchoolOct-24$1,800.00
Dayton Early College Academy, Inc (9283)Community SchoolOct-24$1,800.00
Fairborn Digital Academy (149088)Community SchoolOct-24$1,800.00
Findlay Digital Academy (402)Community SchoolOct-24$1,800.00
Mahoning Unlimited Classroom (148999)Community SchoolOct-24$1,800.00
Marion City Digital Academy (148916)Community SchoolOct-24$1,800.00
Medina County Joint Vocational School District (62109)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-24$1,800.00
Rushmore Academy (11444)Community SchoolOct-24$1,800.00
Southern Hills (50799)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-24$1,800.00
Scioto County Career Technical Center (51490)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-24$1,800.00
Tri-County Career Center (51607)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-24$1,800.00
Washington County Career Center (51698)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-24$1,800.00
Vantage Career Center (51672)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-24$1,800.00
Ada Ex Vill SD (45187)Public DistrictOct-24$3,600.00
Bradford Exempted Village SD (45229)Public DistrictOct-24$3,600.00
Bucyrus City SD (43687)Public DistrictOct-24$3,600.00
Bloom-Vernon Local SD (49593)Public DistrictOct-24$3,600.00
Buckeye (51656)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-24$3,600.00
Eastern Local SD (48512)Public DistrictOct-24$3,600.00
Georgetown Exempted Village SD (45377)Public DistrictOct-24$3,600.00
Lincolnview Local SD (50369)Public DistrictOct-24$3,600.00
Lowellville Local SD (48330)Public DistrictOct-24$3,600.00
Minster Local SD (45948)Public DistrictOct-24$3,600.00
Monroeville Local SD (47712)Public DistrictOct-24$3,600.00
Mid-East Career and Technology Centers (51300)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-24$3,600.00
Mississinawa Valley Local SD (46672)Public DistrictOct-24$3,600.00
Newton Local SD (48637)Public DistrictOct-24$3,600.00
Ottawa Hills Local SD (48215)Public DistrictOct-24$3,600.00
Ottoville Local SD (49387)Public DistrictOct-24$3,600.00
Riverside Local SD (48090)Public DistrictOct-24$3,600.00
Ridgedale Local SD (48439)Public DistrictOct-24$3,600.00
Strasburg-Franklin Local SD (50294)Public DistrictOct-24$3,600.00
Toronto City SD (44917)Public DistrictOct-24$3,600.00
Three Rivers Local SD (47399)Public DistrictOct-24$3,600.00
Tri-Village Local SD (46680)Public DistrictOct-24$3,600.00
Walnut Township Local SD (46904)Public DistrictOct-24$3,600.00
Vanlue Local SD (47472)Public DistrictOct-24$3,600.00
Wolf Creek Local SD (50518)Public DistrictOct-24$3,600.00
Williamsburg Local SD (46367)Public DistrictOct-24$3,600.00
Ansonia Local SD (46623)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Barnesville Exempted Village SD (45203)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Arcanum-Butler Local SD (46631)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Allen East Local SD (45757)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Brookville Local SD (48678)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Bridgeport Exempted Village SD (45237)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Bellevue City SD (43596)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Bellaire Local SD (43570)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Benton Carroll Salem Local SD (48926)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Clermont Northeastern Local SD (46326)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Clearview Local SD (48132)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Chippewa Local SD (50534)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Canton Local SD (49833)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Chesapeake Union Exempted Village SD (45294)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Clay Local SD (49601)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Crestview Local SD (49429)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Coldwater Exempted Village SD (45310)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Crestview Local SD (50351)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Danbury Local SD (48934)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Danville Local SD (47837)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Covington Exempted Village SD (45336)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Dalton Local SD (50542)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Crestview Local SD (46433)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Deer Park Community City SD (43851)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Fairbanks Local SD (50328)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
East Guernsey Local SD (69682)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Elgin Local SD (48413)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Elida Local SD (45773)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Felicity-Franklin Local SD (46334)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Firelands Local SD (48157)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Fayetteville-Perry Local SD (46045)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Fairfield Local SD (47621)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Fredericktown Local SD (47852)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Genoa Area Local SD (48942)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Green Local SD (50559)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Indian Lake Local SD (48082)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
James A Garfield Local SD (49205)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Huntington Local SD (49502)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Hubbard Exempted Village SD (45427)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Liberty Local SD (50195)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Lakeview Local SD (50187)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Madeira City SD (44289)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Minford Local SD (49627)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Miami East Local SD (48629)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Miller City-New Cleveland Local SD (49361)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Monroe Local SD (139303)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Northwestern Local SD (50575)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
North Baltimore Local SD (50708)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
New Lebanon Local SD (48710)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
North College Hill City SD (44511)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
New Boston Local SD (44461)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Perry Local SD (47902)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Paint Valley Local SD (49510)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Ripley-Union-Lewis-Huntington Local SD (46078)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Ridgewood Local SD (46474)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
St Clairsville-Richland City SD (45997)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Tuslaw Local SD (49957)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Union-Scioto Local SD (49536)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Western Local SD (49155)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Upper Scioto Valley Local SD (47522)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Versailles Exempted Village SD (45633)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Windham Exempted Village SD (45666)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Western Reserve Local SD (47746)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Willard City SD (45096)Public DistrictOct-24$5,400.00
Amanda-Clearcreek Local SD (46847)Public DistrictOct-24$7,200.00
Austintown Local SD (48298)Public DistrictOct-24$7,200.00
Blanchester Local SD (46383)Public DistrictOct-24$7,200.00
Canal Winchester Local SD (46946)Public DistrictOct-24$7,200.00
Cardinal Local SD (47175)Public DistrictOct-24$7,200.00
Canfield Local SD (48314)Public DistrictOct-24$7,200.00
Carlisle Local SD (50419)Public DistrictOct-24$7,200.00
Crestwood Local SD (49189)Public DistrictOct-24$7,200.00
East Clinton Local SD (46409)Public DistrictOct-24$7,200.00
Eastern Local SD (49122)Public DistrictOct-24$7,200.00
Edison Local SD (47795)Public DistrictOct-24$7,200.00
Federal Hocking Local SD (45914)Public DistrictOct-24$7,200.00
Field Local SD (49197)Public DistrictOct-24$7,200.00
Heath City SD (44115)Public DistrictOct-24$7,200.00
Granville Exempted Village SD (45393)Public DistrictOct-24$7,200.00
Goshen Local SD (46342)Public DistrictOct-24$7,200.00
Indian Valley Local SD (50286)Public DistrictOct-24$7,200.00
Lakewood Local SD (47993)Public DistrictOct-24$7,200.00
Kenston Local SD (47191)Public DistrictOct-24$7,200.00
LaBrae Local SD (50245)Public DistrictOct-24$7,200.00
Loudonville-Perrysville Exempted Village SD (45468)Public DistrictOct-24$7,200.00
Northridge Local SD (48033)Public DistrictOct-24$7,200.00
Oberlin City SD (44594)Public DistrictOct-24$7,200.00
Newton Falls Exempted Village SD (45567)Public DistrictOct-24$7,200.00
Northwest Local SD (49908)Public DistrictOct-24$7,200.00
Port Clinton City SD (44651)Public DistrictOct-24$7,200.00
Reading Community City SD (44693)Public DistrictOct-24$7,200.00
Washington Court House City SD (45013)Public DistrictOct-24$7,200.00
Van Wert City SD (44966)Public DistrictOct-24$7,200.00
Ashland City SD (43505)Public DistrictOct-24$9,000.00
Carrollton Exempted Village SD (45278)Public DistrictOct-24$9,000.00
Garaway Local SD (50278)Public DistrictOct-24$9,000.00
Gallipolis City SD (44032)Public DistrictOct-24$9,000.00
Greenville City SD (44099)Public DistrictOct-24$9,000.00
Hillsboro City SD (44123)Public DistrictOct-24$9,000.00
Lebanon City SD (44214)Public DistrictOct-24$9,000.00
Madison Local SD (49452)Public DistrictOct-24$9,000.00
Mason City SD (50450)Public DistrictOct-24$9,000.00
Oakwood City SD (44586)Public DistrictOct-24$9,000.00
Poland Local SD (48348)Public DistrictOct-24$9,000.00
Sheffield-Sheffield Lake City SD (44768)Public DistrictOct-24$9,000.00
Steubenville City SD (44826)Public DistrictOct-24$9,000.00
Tipp City Exempted Village SD (45617)Public DistrictOct-24$9,000.00
Talawanda City SD (46151)Public DistrictOct-24$9,000.00
Vinton County Local SD (50393)Public DistrictOct-24$9,000.00
Athens City SD (43521)Public DistrictOct-24$10,800.00
Chardon Local SD (47183)Public DistrictOct-24$10,800.00
Nordonia Hills City SD (50047)Public DistrictOct-24$10,800.00
Norwood City SD (44578)Public DistrictOct-24$10,800.00
Perrysburg Exempted Village SD (45583)Public DistrictOct-24$10,800.00
Springboro Community City SD (50427)Public DistrictOct-24$10,800.00
Wooster City SD (45120)Public DistrictOct-24$10,800.00
Mad River Local SD (48702)Public DistrictOct-24$12,600.00
Teays Valley Local SD (49098)Public DistrictOct-24$12,600.00
Milford Exempted Village SD (45500)Public DistrictOct-24$14,400.00
Northmont City SD (48728)Public DistrictOct-24$14,400.00
North Olmsted City SD (44529)Public DistrictOct-24$14,400.00
Marion City SD (44339)Public DistrictOct-24$14,400.00
Beavercreek City SD (47241)Public DistrictOct-24$16,200.00
Cuyahoga Falls City SD (43836)Public DistrictOct-24$16,200.00
East Holmes Local SD (47688)Public DistrictOct-24$16,200.00
Lima City SD (44222)Public DistrictOct-24$16,200.00
Mansfield City SD (44297)Public DistrictOct-24$16,200.00
Miamisburg City SD (44396)Public DistrictOct-24$16,200.00
Oak Hills Local SD (47373)Public DistrictOct-24$16,200.00
Stow-Munroe Falls City SD (44834)Public DistrictOct-24$16,200.00
Cleveland Heights-University Heights City SD (43794)Public DistrictOct-24$18,000.00
Middletown City SD (44404)Public DistrictOct-24$18,000.00
Princeton City SD (44677)Public DistrictOct-24$18,000.00
Gahanna-Jefferson City SD (46961)Public DistrictOct-24$19,800.00
Northwest Local SD (47365)Public DistrictOct-24$21,600.00
Youngstown City SD (45161)Public DistrictOct-24$21,600.00
Findlay City SD (43984)Public DistrictOct-24$23,400.00
Ashtabula County Technical and Career Center (50815)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-28$1,800
Bella Academy of Excellence (11390)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Citizens Academy East (12852)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
City Day Community School (134247)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Citizens Leadership Academy (12029)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Cincinnati College Preparatory Academy (133512)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Citizens Academy (133520)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Cleveland Entrepreneurship Preparatory School (930)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Canton Harbor High School (525)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Columbiana County (50906)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-28$1,800
DECA PREP (12924)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Dayton Leadership Academies-Dayton View Campus (133454)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Entrepreneurship Preparatory School - Woodland Hills Campus (12031)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Dohn Community (133264)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Four County Career Center (50963)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-28$1,800
Gallia-Jackson-Vinton (62067)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-28$1,800
Goal Digital Academy (149047)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Intergenerational School, The (133215)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Kelleys Island Local SD (46797)Public DistrictOct-28$1,800
Mahoning Valley Opportunity Center (8251)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Mahoning County High School (9996)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Lorain County JVS (51227)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-28$1,800
Madison Avenue School of Arts (9955)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Near West Intergenerational School (12030)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Par Excellence Academy (941)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Springfield-Clark County (51532)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-28$1,800
Summit Academy Akron Elementary School (133587)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Tolles Career & Technical Center (63511)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-28$1,800
U S Grant (62802)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-28$1,800
Trumbull Career & Tech Ctr (51631)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-28$1,800
Tomorrow Center (148981)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Summit Academy Community School-Columbus (296)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Summit Academy-Youngstown (623)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Summit Academy Community School - Dayton (297)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Summit Academy Community School - Cincinnati (306)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Summit Academy Akron Middle School (132779)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Summit Academy Community School - Painesville (629)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Summit Academy Community School for Alternative Learn-Canton (133306)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Summit Academy Community School-Toledo (304)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Summit Academy Community School Alternative Learners-Lorain (133322)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Summit Academy Community School-Warren (305)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Summit Academy Community School-Parma (302)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Summit Acdy Comm Schl for Alternative Learners of Middletown (132746)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Summit Academy Community School Alternative Learners -Xenia (132761)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Summit Academy Middle School - Columbus (610)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Summit Academy Middle School - Lorain (609)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Summit Academy Secondary - Canton (300)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Summit Academy Alternative LearnersWarren Middle & Secondary (616)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Summit Academy Secondary - Akron (298)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Summit Academy Secondary School - Middletown (634)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Summit Academy Toledo Learning Center (633)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Summit Academy Secondary - Youngstown (303)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Summit Academy Secondary - Lorain (301)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Summit Academy Transition High School-Cincinnati (608)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Summit Academy Transition High School Dayton (621)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Summit Academy Transition High School-Columbus (614)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
The Haley School (13082)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
SunBridge Schools (13175)Community SchoolOct-28$1,800
Wayne County JVSD (51714)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-28$1,800
Belmont-Harrison (50856)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-28$3,600
Berne Union Local SD (46854)Public DistrictOct-28$3,600
Campbell City SD (43703)Public DistrictOct-28$3,600
Crestline Exempted Village SD (45344)Public DistrictOct-28$3,600
Cory-Rawson Local SD (47431)Public DistrictOct-28$3,600
Edgerton Local SD (50617)Public DistrictOct-28$3,600
Edon Northwest Local SD (50625)Public DistrictOct-28$3,600
Fayette Local SD (47068)Public DistrictOct-28$3,600
Franklin Monroe Local SD (46649)Public DistrictOct-28$3,600
Hicksville Exempted Village SD (45419)Public DistrictOct-28$3,600
Jefferson Township Local SD (48686)Public DistrictOct-28$3,600
Holgate Local SD (47571)Public DistrictOct-28$3,600
North Central Local SD (50641)Public DistrictOct-28$3,600
New Knoxville Local SD (45963)Public DistrictOct-28$3,600
Oak Hill Union Local SD (47761)Public DistrictOct-28$3,600
Perry Local SD (45781)Public DistrictOct-28$3,600
Penta Career Center - District (51359)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-28$3,600
Southern Local SD (49064)Public DistrictOct-28$3,600
United Local SD (46458)Public DistrictOct-28$3,600
West Liberty-Salem Local SD (46219)Public DistrictOct-28$3,600
Anna Local SD (49759)Public DistrictOct-28$5,400
Bath Local SD (45765)Public DistrictOct-28$5,400
Brookfield Local SD (50120)Public DistrictOct-28$5,400
Black River Local SD (48462)Public DistrictOct-28$5,400
Bethel Local SD (48611)Public DistrictOct-28$5,400
Cloverleaf Local SD (48488)Public DistrictOct-28$5,400
Edison Local SD (formerly Berlin-Milan) (46789)Public DistrictOct-28$5,400
Fort Recovery Local SD (48595)Public DistrictOct-28$5,400
Gibsonburg Exempted Village SD (45385)Public DistrictOct-28$5,400
Greeneview Local SD (47266)Public DistrictOct-28$5,400
Green Local SD (49619)Public DistrictOct-28$5,400
Independence Local SD (46565)Public DistrictOct-28$5,400
Liberty Union-Thurston Local SD (46888)Public DistrictOct-28$5,400
Joseph Badger Local SD (50179)Public DistrictOct-28$5,400
Lynchburg-Clay Local SD (47639)Public DistrictOct-28$5,400
London City SD (44255)Public DistrictOct-28$5,400
Mogadore Local SD (50039)Public DistrictOct-28$5,400
McComb Local SD (47456)Public DistrictOct-28$5,400
Milton-Union Exempted Village SD (45518)Public DistrictOct-28$5,400
New London Local SD (47720)Public DistrictOct-28$5,400
Patrick Henry Local SD (47597)Public DistrictOct-28$5,400
Plymouth-Shiloh Local SD (49460)Public DistrictOct-28$5,400
Preble Shawnee Local SD (49288)Public DistrictOct-28$5,400
Scioto Valley Local SD (49130)Public DistrictOct-28$5,400
Struthers City SD (44859)Public DistrictOct-28$5,400
Vermilion Local SD (46821)Public DistrictOct-28$5,400
Vanguard-Sentinel Career & Technology Centers (51458)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-28$5,400
Wellington Exempted Village SD (45658)Public DistrictOct-28$5,400
Wickliffe City SD (45088)Public DistrictOct-28$5,400
Woodmore Local SD (49577)Public DistrictOct-28$5,400
Buckeye Local SD (48470)Public DistrictOct-28$7,200
Cardington-Lincoln Local SD (48793)Public DistrictOct-28$7,200
Delphos City SD (43885)Public DistrictOct-28$7,200
Clyde-Green Springs Exempted Village SD (45302)Public DistrictOct-28$7,200
Conneaut Area City SD (43810)Public DistrictOct-28$7,200
Fairborn City SD (43968)Public DistrictOct-28$7,200
Fairland Local SD (47936)Public DistrictOct-28$7,200
Fostoria City SD (43992)Public DistrictOct-28$7,200
Girard City SD School District (44065)Public DistrictOct-28$7,200
Grandview Heights Schools SD (44073)Public DistrictOct-28$7,200
Great Oaks Career Campuses (51060)Joint Vocational School DistrictOct-28$7,200
Huron City SD (44131)Public DistrictOct-28$7,200
Louisville City SD (49874)Public DistrictOct-28$7,200
Mt Healthy City SD (44412)Public DistrictOct-28$7,200
North Fork Local SD (48025)Public DistrictOct-28$7,200
Northridge Local SD (48736)Public DistrictOct-28$7,200
Rocky River City SD (44701)Public DistrictOct-28$7,200
Revere Local SD (50054)Public DistrictOct-28$7,200
Springfield Local SD (50062)Public DistrictOct-28$7,200
Shelby City SD (44776)Public DistrictOct-28$7,200
Wauseon Exempted Village SD (45641)Public DistrictOct-28$7,200
West Geauga Local SD (47225)Public DistrictOct-28$7,200
Western Brown Local SD (46060)Public DistrictOct-28$7,200
Avon Local SD (48116)Public DistrictOct-28$9,000
Garfield Heights City SD Schools (44040)Public DistrictOct-28$9,000
Franklin Local SD (48843)Public DistrictOct-28$9,000
Geneva Area City SD (44057)Public DistrictOct-28$9,000
Highland Local SD (48496)Public DistrictOct-28$9,000
Jonathan Alder Local SD (48264)Public DistrictOct-28$9,000
Morgan Local SD (48777)Public DistrictOct-28$9,000
Midview Local SD (48173)Public DistrictOct-28$9,000
Northern Local SD (49056)Public DistrictOct-28$9,000
North Royalton City SD (44545)Public DistrictOct-28$9,000
New Richmond Exempted Village SD (45559)Public DistrictOct-28$9,000
Olmsted Falls City SD (46573)Public DistrictOct-28$9,000
Salem City SD (44735)Public DistrictOct-28$9,000
Rolling Hills Local SD (47308)Public DistrictOct-28$9,000
Southwest Licking Local SD (48041)Public DistrictOct-28$9,000
Streetsboro City SD (49239)Public DistrictOct-28$9,000
Trotwood-Madison City SD (48694)Public DistrictOct-28$9,000
Vandalia-Butler City SD (44958)Public DistrictOct-28$9,000
Wilmington City SD (45112)Public DistrictOct-28$9,000
Whitehall City SD (45070)Public DistrictOct-28$9,000
East Cleveland City SD School District (43901)Public DistrictOct-28$10,800
Kings Local SD (50435)Public DistrictOct-28$10,800
Marietta City SD (44321)Public DistrictOct-28$10,800
Norwalk City SD (44560)Public DistrictOct-28$10,800
Oregon City SD (44602)Public DistrictOct-28$10,800
Springfield Local SD (48223)Public DistrictOct-28$10,800
South Euclid-Lyndhurst City SD (44792)Public DistrictOct-28$10,800
Huber Heights City SD (48751)Public DistrictOct-28$12,600
Mayfield City SD (44370)Public DistrictOct-28$12,600
New Philadelphia City SD (44487)Public DistrictOct-28$12,600
Northeastern Local SD (46250)Public DistrictOct-28$12,600
Westlake City SD (45062)Public DistrictOct-28$12,600
Upper Arlington City SD (44933)Public DistrictOct-28$14,400
Fremont City SD (44016)Public DistrictOct-28$16,200
Groveport Madison Local SD (46979)Public DistrictOct-28$18,000
Lakewood City SD (44198)Public DistrictOct-28$19,800
Newark City SD (44453)Public DistrictOct-28$19,800
Centerville City SD (43737)Public DistrictOct-28$21,600
Hamilton City SD (44107)Public DistrictOct-28$21,600
Willoughby-Eastlake City SD (45104)Public DistrictOct-28$21,600
Canton City SD (43711)Large UrbansOct-28$39,600
Hilliard City SD (47019)Public DistrictOct-28$39,600
Olentangy Local SD (46763)Public DistrictOct-28$41,400
Toledo City SD (44909)Large UrbansOct-28$88,200
Columbus City SD (43802)Large UrbansOct-28$190,800
Lake Geauga Computer Association (85597)ITCOct-31$1,800
Tri-County Computer Service Association (86504)ITCOct-31$1,800
Miami Valley Educational Computer Association (86488)ITCOct-31$3,600
Northeast Ohio Management Information Network (85613)ITCOct-31$3,600
Northeast Ohio Network For Educational Technology (95885)ITCOct-31$3,600
Ohio Mid-Eastern Regional Education Service Agency (82743)ITCOct-31$3,600
META Athens (82735)ITCOct-31$5,400
Western Ohio Computer Organization (85654)ITCOct-31$5,400
Area Cooperative Computerized Educational Service System (85563)ITCOct-31$7,200
Licking Area Computer Association (88971)ITCOct-31$7,200
North Central Ohio Computer Cooperative (88161)ITCOct-31$12,600
Northwest Ohio Area Computer Services Cooperative (85639)ITCOct-31$14,400
Northern Ohio Educational Computer Association (85621)ITCOct-31$19,800
Southwest Ohio Computer Association Council of Governments (85571)ITCOct-31$19,800
Northwest Ohio Computer Association (86496)ITCOct-31$27,000
META Dayton (82719)ITCOct-31$45,000
META Piketon (82727)ITCOct-31$93,600
Hamilton-Clermont Cooperative Association (95869)ITCOct-31$104,400
Connect (95893)ITCOct-31$108,000
Buckeye United School District (60988)State Supported OrganizationNov-03$5,400
Ohio School For The Deaf (71530)State Supported OrganizationNov-03$5,400
Ohio School For The Blind (71548)State Supported OrganizationNov-03$3,600
Village Preparatory School (11291)Community SchoolNov-03$1,800
Townsend North Community School (12867)Community SchoolNov-03$1,800
Village Preparatory School: Woodland Hills Campus (13034)Community SchoolNov-03$1,800
Akron City SD (43489)Large UrbansNov-03$82,800
Brooklyn City SD (43653)Public DistrictNov-03$5,400
Dayton City SD (43844)Large UrbansNov-03$50,400
Napoleon Area City SD (44438)Public DistrictNov-03$3,600
Marysville Exempted Village SD (45476)Public DistrictNov-03$16,200
Brown Local SD (46177)Public DistrictNov-03$5,400
Southeastern Local SD (46276)Public DistrictNov-03$5,400
Cuyahoga Heights Local SD (46557)Public DistrictNov-03$5,400
Keystone Local SD (48165)Public DistrictNov-03$5,400
Valley View Local SD (48744)Public DistrictNov-03$7,200
Aurora City SD (49171)Public DistrictNov-03$9,000
Rootstown Local SD (49213)Public DistrictNov-03$5,400
Southeast Local SD (49221)Public DistrictNov-03$7,200
Minerva Local SD (49890)Public DistrictNov-03$5,400
Delaware Area Career Center (50989)Joint Vocational School DistrictNov-03$3,600
Lawrence County (51185)Joint Vocational School DistrictNov-03$1,800
Miami Valley Career Tech (51284)Joint Vocational School DistrictNov-03$3,600
Adams County Ohio Valley Local SD (61903)Public DistrictNov-03$12,600
Stark County Area (62026)Joint Vocational School DistrictNov-03$1,800
Tri-Rivers (65268)Joint Vocational School DistrictNov-03$1,800
Toledo School For The Arts (133942)Community SchoolNov-03$1,800
Autism Model School (134122)Community SchoolNov-03$1,800
Schnee Learning Center (147231)Community SchoolNov-03$1,800
Midwest Regional ESC (14777)Educational Service CenterNov-09$1,800
Allen County ESC (45740)Educational Service CenterNov-09$1,800
Ashtabula County ESC (45849)Educational Service CenterNov-09$1,800
Auglaize County ESC (45930)Educational Service CenterNov-09$1,800
Butler County ESC (46086)Educational Service CenterNov-09$1,800
Clark County ESC (46227)Educational Service CenterNov-09$1,800
Clermont County ESC (46292)Educational Service CenterNov-09$1,800
Southern Ohio ESC (46375)Educational Service CenterNov-09$1,800
Columbiana County ESC (46417)Educational Service CenterNov-09$1,800
Darke County ESC (46615)Educational Service CenterNov-09$1,800
ESC of Central Ohio (46938)Educational Service CenterNov-09$1,800
Greene County ESC (47233)Educational Service CenterNov-09$1,800
Hamilton County ESC (47324)Educational Service CenterNov-09$1,800
Hancock County ESC (47407)Educational Service CenterNov-09$1,800
Jefferson County ESC (47779)Educational Service CenterNov-09$1,800
Licking County ESC (47977)Educational Service CenterNov-09$1,800
Lorain County ESC (48108)Educational Service CenterNov-09$7,200
ESC of Lake Erie West (48199)Educational Service CenterNov-09$1,800
Mahoning County ESC (48280)Educational Service CenterNov-09$5,400
Medina County ESC (48454)Educational Service CenterNov-09$1,800
Mercer County ESC (48546)Educational Service CenterNov-09$1,800
Miami County ESC (48603)Educational Service CenterNov-09$3,600
Montgomery County ESC (48660)Educational Service CenterNov-09$5,400
Pickaway County ESC (49072)Educational Service CenterNov-09$1,800
Preble County ESC (49254)Educational Service CenterNov-09$1,800
Putnam County ESC (49304)Educational Service CenterNov-09$1,800
Trumbull County ESC (50088)Educational Service CenterNov-09$1,800
East Central Ohio ESC (50260)Educational Service CenterNov-09$3,600
Warren County ESC (50401)Educational Service CenterNov-09$3,600
Wood County ESC (50666)Educational Service CenterNov-09$1,800
North Central Ohio ESC (123257)Educational Service CenterNov-09$5,400
Ohio Valley ESC (123281)Educational Service CenterNov-09$1,800
Mid-Ohio ESC (123521)Educational Service CenterNov-09$1,800
Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center (124297)Educational Service CenterNov-09$3,600
Muskingum Valley ESC (125252)Educational Service CenterNov-09$5,400
South Central Ohio ESC (125658)Educational Service CenterNov-09$1,800
North Point Educational Service Center (125690)Educational Service CenterNov-09$1,800
Athens-Meigs ESC (135145)Educational Service CenterNov-09$1,800
Madison-Champaign ESC (137364)Educational Service CenterNov-09$3,600
Ross-Pike ESC (138222)Educational Service CenterNov-09$1,800