School Building Data

Fall 2019 Confirmed Building Data from Ohio K12 Help

Your confirmed buildings with updated connectivity data and technology data effective Fall 2019. Scroll down to find the list of buildings that must be updated/confirmed. If you need to correct values, contact Ohio K12 Help Team at

Building (IRN)Building TypeConnectivity1Technology2
These notes apply if data is displayed in the table.
1 Mbps = megabits per second.
Wiring type should be Fiber or Wireless (rarely). In cases where Ethernet is shown, it probably should be updated to Fiber unless there is cooper wiring from the building to the next network location.
2 WAP = wireless access point; LAN = local area network inside the building.
LAN speed is the wiring speed between routers and/or WAPs in the building. Typically, it is 1,000 Mbps (newer infrastructure) or 100 Mbps (old equipment).


School building data is collected and managed by the Ohio K12 Help Team. It is collected in September prior to the Ohio K12 Network Subsidy application window which opens on October 1. Building data is also used by statewide support teams for the programs and services available on the Ohio K12 Help Portal.

School Building IRN Types

  • Community School and STEM
  • Education Service Center Program
  • Public School
  • State Supported School
  • Vocational School

Non Instructional Buildings: In some cases, a district school building networking connects to a location that is not used for instruction (such as administrative offices or other district facility). These “network facilities” then connect to another location, typically an ITC who is the Internet Service Provider (ISP) for the district. 

Technical Support: The Ohio K12 Help Team at