District Dashboard

Access to detailed data requires the secure link for your district or school. Contact your technology coordinator or superintendent for more information.

Information about Districts and Schools

Contacts & Roles

People at a district or school and the roles they serve.

Building & Tech Data

Information about buildings and technology in the building.

FAFSA Completions

High school students who have completed their FAFSA app.

K12 Network Subsidies

Subsidies for building connected to the Ohio K12 Network.

Data Collected for the Ohio Department of Education

AASCD Justification

Collected from October through December.

ACT-SAT Selection

Collected in Sept. 2018 for spring 2019 testing.

District Profile Page

Web address for district profile collected Jul-Sep 2018.

Restraint & Seclusion

Building Incident reports collected Oct 2018 - Jan 2019.

About the Dashboard

This data on the dashboard is about districts and schools in Ohio.