District Dashboard

Access to the data on this page requires the secure link for your district or school. Contact your technology coordinator or superintendent for more information. If the Secure Access details are not shown below, you are not logged into the portal.

About Access


The District Dashboard is supported by the Ohio K12 Help Team of the Management Council of the Ohio Education Computer Network. Secure access requires use of a secure link that is emailed to either the superintendent/head of school or technology coordinator. Other district or school staff must be granted access by the person in one of those roles at the IRN.

Data is retrieved from Cherwell Ohio (a state service management platform operated by the Management Council):

  1. IRN Contacts and Roles (superintendent, treasurer, tech coordinator, testing coordinators, OEDS administrators, and more)
  2. Other Data (mailing address, email domain, student count/ADM, and more)
  3. Building Data (grade span, student count/ADM, number of testing devices, number of wireless access points, local area network speed, and Internet connection bandwidth, and more)
  4. Ohio K12 Network Subsidy awards ($1,800/building)
  5. FAFSA application data for high school students (student name, data of birth and high school name)
  6. E-Rate application data for the spring of each year

If you know other data sources that might be integrated onto your district dashboard, send a request to support@ohio-k12.help.