To upload your board/governing body resolution for Third-Grade Testing Choice, use the secure link emailed to your district superintendent.
Office of Assessment at (614) 466-1317

District Choice for Third-Grade Testing

Senate Bill 216, 132nd General Assembly, effective Nov. 2, 2018, allows districts the option of paper or online test administration only for the third-grade state assessments, beginning in the 2019-2020 school year.

The election to use paper tests must be made by a district board of education or a governing body. Please advise your district board of education or governing body to take action if paper-and-pencil test administration is desired.

  1. Please be aware that to be eligible for the third-grade tests you wish to administer by way of paper test forms you must complete the data collection part of the process and upload your board resolution.
  2. In your board resolutions, please avoid using all third-grade tests when communicating which tests you want to administer on paper. Instead, please list them as they are listed in the online form portion of the process.
  3. Please be aware that your choices will apply to all 2020 – 2021 testing windows (fall, spring, summer).
  4. Please communicate your district’s plans to all staff managing your district’s yearly test administrations.