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  • U.S. Still Searching for “Havana Syndrome” Answers January 22, 2022
    HAVANA SYNDROME Enable IntenseDebate Comments:  Enable IntenseDebate Comments The top U.S. spy agency has concluded a mysterious illness plaguing American diplomats and other officials around the world is not nearly as widespread as initially feared and is most likely not the work of a foreign adversary. But the Central Intelligence Agency also cautioned that a smaller […]
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  • Lockdowns During Early Pandemic Saved Lives, but Not a Go-To Strategy Moving Forward: Study January 22, 2022
    1/22/22 Pandemic preparedness Enable IntenseDebate Comments:  Enable IntenseDebate Comments The U.S. pandemic lockdown in 2020 caused a $2.3 trillion economic downturn and split the nation politically, and now some European nations are locking down again as Omicron surges through the global population. But do these drastic measures save lives? Are they worth massive job and income losses? […]
  • How the U.S. Is Making Gains in an Uphill Battle Against Russian Hackers January 22, 2022
    1/22/22 THE RUSSIA CONNECTION Enable IntenseDebate Comments:  Enable IntenseDebate Comments On Jan. 14, 2022, the FSB, Russia’s domestic intelligence service, announced that it had broken up the notorious Russia-based REvil ransomware criminal organization. The FSB said the actions were taken in response to a request from U.S. authorities. read more
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  • Threats to the U.S. Jewish Community: The Facts January 22, 2022
    1/22/22 EXTREMISM Enable IntenseDebate Comments:  Enable IntenseDebate Comments Here are six facts about threats to the Jewish community in the United States. read more
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  • What Does the Seditious Conspiracy Indictment Mean for the Oath Keepers? January 22, 2022
    1/22/22 ARGUMENT: BEYOND THE OATH KEEPERS Enable IntenseDebate Comments:  Enable IntenseDebate Comments The Oath Keepers, one of the leading anti-government movements in the United States – it boasts a purported membership in the thousands — is facing an existential threat. The group is already under pressure from the arrests of dozens of its foot soldiers […]
  • A Small City’s Hurricane Recovery Could Help Other Communities Bounce Back January 22, 2022
    1/22/22 RESILIENCE Enable IntenseDebate Comments:  Enable IntenseDebate Comments In September 2018, a North Carolina city’s long road to recovery from Hurricane Matthew two years earlier became even longer. Lumberton, a small but diverse city of 21,000 people, 96 kilometers (60 miles) inland from the coast, unfortunately found itself in Hurricane Florence’s sights. The Lumber River, […]
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  • The Atomic Scientists' Doomsday Clock | Seditious Conspiracy | International Students& STEM OPT January 22, 2022
    1/22/22 OUR PICKS Enable IntenseDebate Comments:  0 Oath Keepers Cached Weapons for Jan. 6 Capitol Attack, Prosecutors Say  (Aruna Viswanatha, Wall Street Journal) read more
  • How Beijing Influences the Influencers | Intruder Alarm | Chinese Security Scanners Across Europe, and more January 22, 2022
    1/22/22 OUR PICKS: CHINA WATCH Enable IntenseDebate Comments:  0 Security Scanners Across Europe Tied to China Government, Military  (AP) At some of the world’s most sensitive spots, authorities have installed security screening devices made by a single Chinese company with deep ties to China’s military and the highest levels of the ruling Communist Party. read more
  • China’s Long-Arm Policing Overseas January 19, 2022
    1/20/22 CHINA WATCH Enable IntenseDebate Comments:  Enable IntenseDebate Comments This new report by Safeguard Defenders goes beyond the few individual cases reported on occasionally in the past, delving deep into their foreign operations and blowing the lid on the use of so-called “voluntary” returns… by any means necessary. read more
  • How to Support a Globally Connected Counter-Disinformation Network January 19, 2022
    1/20/22 ARGUMENT: Countering Disinformation Enable IntenseDebate Comments:  Enable IntenseDebate Comments From undermining democracy to inciting genocide, the global dangers of disinformation on social media are now well known. Kevin Sheives writes in War on the Rocks that despite countless calls for better legal regulation or intensified content moderation, the efforts of governments and social media […]
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