Early Learning Update March 23, 2022

Early Learning Assessment

This newsletter is to provide reminders and information regarding the Early Learning Assessment (ELA).

The Spring 2022 Early Learning Assessment Training schedule is updated and includes trainings through June 2022. The trainings include Early Learning Assessment (ELA) Virtual Initial Training, Early Learning Assessment for Support Teachers and ELA Technology Virtual Training (formerly called ELA Mini-Technology). Additional information on dates and registration can be found at Early Learning Assessment for Teachers. Please note the registration process for the Early Learning Assessment (ELA) Initial Training is done through a separate link and are not searchable on the OPR at this time.

The ELA Spring administration window is open and ends May 14. Data managers will need to use the spring enrollment token to enroll preschool students in the spring assessment window for teachers to enter ratings. The data token can be found on the Ohio K12 Help Data Manager Webpage.

The fall ELA reporting window for EMIS will close April 1, 2022. Programs serving children funded by the Early Childhood Education grant or Preschool Special Education are required to complete the Early Learning Assessment Ten Required Learning Progressions for those children and report scores for fall and spring administration windows. Please use the Learning Progression Score Report generated from the Ready for Kindergarten Online system, also known as KReady, or the Early Learning Assessment Bridge Form to obtain scores for reporting in EMIS.

Data Managers and Building Administrators are encouraged to download available reports from KReady and save them locally before the end of the school year. The reports are archived in the system at the user level and you cannot generate a report from a previous school year. The KReady reports that you have generated in your own account will remain archived at the user level, not at the building or district level. We recommend that you generate and download your reports and determine a shared space locally where you keep it for district record. For additional information, visit Accessing the Archive on Ohio K-12 Help.

Early Learning Assessment Closedown​ – Tuesday May 3, 2021 (10:00am – 11:00am)
This webinar is for data managers and administrators responsible for submitting Spring 2022 Early Learning Assessment (ELA) scores and data reporting to EMIS and EAS. This session will provide participants with information for accessing reports, managing transfers, and the necessary steps during the data cleanup window. Register here.

If you have questions about the Early Learning Assessment, please email ELAHelp@education.ohio.gov.

For technical questions about the KReady system, go to www.ohio-k12.help or call 844-K12-OHIO (844-512-6446) to submit a ticket for technical assistance.

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