Early Learning Update 11-14-19

Early Learning Assessment

Early Learning Assessment – Fall Data Collection

Dear Early Learning Assessment Administrators and Data Managers,

Thank you for your continued efforts to support the early care and education of Ohio’s youngest learners. We want to provide you with some considerations for closing down the Early Learning Assessment (ELA) fall assessment window as teacher data entry closes in the KReady system today, November 14 at 11:59 PM. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at ELAHelp@education.ohio.gov.

Thank you, Office of Early Learning & School Readiness Curriculum & Assessment Team

Fall 2019 Assessment Window Reminders

ELA Fall Data Collection 2019 ELA Spring Data Collection 2020
KReady Data Collection Opened: 08/15/19 KReady Data Collection Opens: 02/15/20
KReady Data Collection Closes: 11/14/19 at 11:59 PM

Teachers cannot enter assessment data after this date.

KReady Data Collection Closes: 05/14/20 at 11:59 PM

Teachers cannot enter assessment data after this date.

Data Managers will be able to approve transfers and clean up student demographic data through November 21. Data Managers will be able to approve transfers and clean up student demographic data through May 21.
Learning progression score reports for the fall data collection will be available for download in the KReady system starting Nov. 22. Learning progression score reports for the spring data collection will be available for download in the KReady system starting May 22.
EMIS reporting dates are found in the EMIS Calendar found here.

EAS reporting dates and directions are found in the FY 20 Grantee Manual.

Confirm all data has been entered for each preschool student in KReady or the Bridge form for the fall reporting window

Some programs use the Ready for Kindergarten online system (KReady) for entering data for the ELA while other programs use the Bridge Form.

If your program has not loaded students, teachers and enrollment information in the KReady system for teachers to enter ELA ratings for preschool children, please use the Bridge form for the fall reporting window. We strongly recommend programs that report in EMIS get the KReady system set up locally for use during the spring administration window.

Data clean up

Please confirm that all data has been entered in the KReady system or Bridge form for each student.

For KReady users:

The most reliable way to verify that all students have complete scores is to look at the SKB Report. Data managers and administrators can run these reports and identify whether all students have scores entered for all SKBs. As a reminder, each PSE and ECE funded child must have a rating for 24 SKBs to receive an overall score for the 10 required Learning Progressions.

If any scores are missing, we encourage data managers to communicate with the teacher associated with the specific student to provide any necessary support to ensure all data is entered in the system by Nov. 14 at 11:59 p.m.

For Bridge form users:

We encourage you to develop local communication methods for ensuring that the data on your Bridge form is accurate prior to reporting student data in EMIS or EAS.

What to do when a Learning Progression score is “N”

Sometimes a teacher is unable to determine a score for an SKB for a child. When a teacher is not able to determine a score for a child on a skill, knowledge or behavior, the teacher will enter an “N” score in the Bridge form or KReady system. A score of “N” will then be calculated at the Learning Progression level within the KReady system Learning Progression score report or Bridge form.

When submitting assessment data to EMIS or EAS, programs are required to enter a reason code anytime a Learning Progression score of “N” is reported. A list of the allowable reason codes, and an explanation of what they mean, can be found in the EMIS manual for assessments here. The reason codes are on page 29 in the manual under the Score Not Reported section.

Currently, there is no column on the Bridge Document that is available to record reason codes and we ask you not to alter the document to include these reason codes. Changes to the Bridge Document will result in inaccurately reported data. Programs must develop an internal communication process to assure that teachers are accurately reporting reason codes for “N’ score items to their EMIS coordinator or the individual responsible for uploading student data in EAS.

Only one reason code can be reported for each Learning Progression and score of “N”. If multiple Learning Progressions are scored as an “N”, a different reason code can be selected for each “N” score.

For more information 

First, check out the department’s Early Learning Assessment Website

Questions about the Early Learning Assessment: ELAHelp@education.ohio.gov.

Contact Information: Elizabeth.Sailer@education.ohio.gov Kimberly.Davis@education.ohio.gov

Help Desk:  www.ohio-k12.help or  844-K12-OHIO (844-512-6446) to submit a ticket for technical assistance.

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